About the Foundation

The Sicilian-American Family Research Foundation is a non-profit organization  dedicated to connecting Americans of Sicilian heritage with their personal and cultural histories through genealogy, historical research and preservation of Sicilian cultural resources.

The Foundation is in the process of producing documentaries on Sicily and on Sicilian-American families. We interview immigrants to record their stories for posterity. Foundation researchers have spent time combing through records in centuries old Churches in order to uncover connections which can bring history alive for Sicilians living in America.

Preservation of historical landmarks is another area in which the Foundation is creating emotional and cultural links between Sicilian-Americans and their ethnic homeland. By seeking out buildings in need of support, preservation and renewal, the Foundation gives Americans of Sicilian extraction the ability to "adopt" a piece of their history and to take pride in the hard work and dreams of our ancestors.

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The Sicilian-American Family Research Foundation, Inc. 

is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

All donations are tax deductible.