Our Projects


The Sicilian-American Family Research Foundation helps Americans of Sicilian heritage re-connect to their roots through genealogical research. Our library of Sicilian documents provides a good starting point for many. For those who wish a more in-depth genealogical research experience, we can assist with connections to experts in Sicilian genealogy and paleography. 

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Foundation personnel write articles for submission to online and print publications. In doing so, we are furthering our Mission by bringing better understanding of both Sicilian culture and the Sicilian-American story to the American public.

A recent article was published on Heritage-American News Digest, written by our President, Stephanie Merlino, on the Sicilian heritage of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. This is the first of many pieces which will be coming from the Foundation to be published in various forums on the contributions of Sicilian-Americans to the history of the United States. 


Often, our research leads us to uncover an interesting story. Families, villages, broader Sicilian history, Sicilians in America and more are starting points for fascinating tales. A number of such stories - side effects of our research - are being developed as books with several others under consideration at any given time.


Stories are often more poignant when told by those who know them best. The Foundation intends to collect such stories on video and use them as starting points for documentaries about the lives of immigrants, of those left behind, of Sicilian history, of second and third generation Sicilian-Americans and more.


During our trips to Sicily, we often run across churches, historical buildings, even simple homes whose significance warrants an effort on our part to preserve and rejuvenate them. The Foundation Historical Preservation Grant Program is aimed at providing partial or full funding of preservation projects. It is our hope that some of these buildings will eventually be used as libraries or museums and that they will also serve as points of interests on guided heritage tours of the island which is our legacy.